The employee’s Pride Wall.

How to make a practice stick in an organization with a little effort? How to grow a practice and scale up from 50 people to 10.000 in two years?

El mejor líder siempre se deja liderar

El siglo XXI no demanda liderazgo de personas sobre personas, demanda liderazgo de personas sobre sistemas de trabajo.Pensar en liderar sistemas de trabajo implica buscar balances colectivos entre eficacia y eficiencia, entre explotación y exploración, entre ejecución e innovación, entre orden y caos, entre controles y libertades, entre jerarquías y redes, entre centralizar y descentralizar…

Finding out who’s next to us

Finding out who’s next to us   Don’t be shy, Find out who’s next to you now with Personal Maps!

Are you losing talent in your company? Keep calm and use Merit Money

Imagine your company is overwhelmingly losing talent. One after the other, every month. By the time you realize it’s too late. What to do? 

How to empower a city with Internal Crowdfunding

We can only promote people happiness when everyone feels responsible for contributing and when authorities learn to manage the system instead of manage the people. That´s what we did In the beautiful city of Santander. Keep reading to figure out how…

Three steps to get out of a corporate dictator without embracing an anarchist

Some people claim that you can not run an organization without rules and force (fear). Others say that you can run an organization without bosses. Never let a fanatic to frame your problem in black or white. It is not a binary thing. There are plenty of shades between being a dictator or an anarchist.